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60 Second Fitzpatrick Skin Type Quiz! Discover Your Fitzpatrick Skin Tone

18th March 2023 by Dr Mohamad Zeina

Knowing your skin type is essential for understanding how your skin reacts to the sun, finding the right makeup shades, and choosing the most suitable skincare treatments. It’s especially important to know your skin type when considering any laser-based skincare procedures. However, many people are unaware of their skin type or how to determine it. If you’ve ever wondered, “how do I know what my skin type is?” or “what’s my skin tone?”, you’re not alone.

beautiful young woman with varying skin tones horizontally

Take Our 60-Second Fitzpatrick Skin Type Test

Our Fitzpatrick skin type quiz is designed to help you quickly and easily identify your skin type. In just 60 seconds, you can gain valuable insights into your skin’s unique characteristics by answering a few simple questions. Keep in mind that your skin type can change over time, such as after a holiday. With this information in hand, you can make more informed decisions about sun protection, makeup selection, and skincare decisions.

Fitzpatrick Skin Type Calculator

The Fitzpatrick skin type calculator is based on the widely-recognized Fitzpatrick scale, which classifies skin types according to their response to sun exposure. By taking this “What’s my skin tone quiz,” you’ll be able to better understand your skin’s needs, protect it from potential damage, and identify the best foundation shades for your complexion.

Ready to find out your Fitzpatrick skin type and unlock the secrets to flawless makeup application? Take our “Fitzpatrick skin type quiz” below!

Fitzpatrick Skin Type Quiz

1. What is the natural color of your eyes?

2. What is your natural hair color? (Prior to gray or white)

3. What is the color of your unexposed skin?

4. Do you have freckles on sun-exposed areas?

5. What happens when you stay in the sun too long?

6. How easily do you turn brown or tan?

7. Do you turn brown or tan easily several hours after sun exposure?

8. How does your face react to the sun?

9. When did you last expose your skin to the sun? (tanning bed, use of self-tanning creams, or sun-bathing)

10. Do you intentionally expose the area to be treated to the sun?