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Anti-Wrinkle Botox Injections in Milton Keynes

About Botox – the “Miracle Toxin”

Botulinum toxin, usually known as “Botox”, is a quick and non-invasive treatment which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines to give you a smooth, youthful complexion. It helps you to regain the elasticity and volume of younger skin.

Skin can age prematurely due to pollution, smoking, lifestyle, diet, sun exposure, or simply due to genetics. Botox treatments allow you to improve the suppleness and smoothness of your skin and reverse the effects of age and the environment on your skin.

Why Choose Our Clinic for Botox Treatments in Milton Keynes?

  • Dr Bassam Zeina has performed over 40,000 anti-ageing injectible treatments, including Botox, Fillers and Profhilo
  • In your free consultation, Dr Zeina will discuss what’s right for you, even if Botox is not the best choice for your specific concerns
  • Minimal risk of complications, and experience managing them if they arise
  • Highly experienced Dermatologist with 34 years of experience in dermatology, and 24 years of experience in aesthetics
  • Natural results
  • Prices from £175 per area

What Do Our Clients Say?

Alternatives Clinic
Based on 132 reviews
Alternatives Clinic
Based on 7 reviews
I have been using Botox for over 20 years in 5 different countries with different doctors and different techniques. I assure you, there is no one like Dr Zeina. He is EXCELLENT. His technique is the best I've ever received. And while other doctors are secretive about their "recipe", Dr. Zeina is totally transparent about what he is using, what he is doing and why he is doing it. I think this tells a lot about the kind of professional he is. I'm not easy to impress and I'm impressed. Thank you Dr. Zeina. Thank you Alternatives Clinic. I will be back for more!
Veronica T.
13:52 28 May 21
Took my daughter to see Dr Zeina- consultation and treatment excellent! He was patient, listened and understood my daughter's concerns. Wish we found him sooner! Excellent care received and would be very happy to go back should we need to in thr future! Many thanks , Dr Zeina!
Arabelle C.
09:43 25 May 24
I recently visited Alternatives Clinic and was seen by Dr Zeina. I was seen promptly and by the end of my consultation felt satisfied and happy. Dr Zeina listened and came to a quick diagnosis and explained everything well. His advice has worked really well. Thank you so much.
Naheed S.
18:36 13 May 24
De Bassam Zeina was very profesional and provided advice in a very efficient manner. Highly recommended!!Many thanks.
Mercedes M.
08:53 26 Apr 24
I have been going to see Dr Zeina for years. He is fantastic at what he does, I’m always so pleased with my results from Botox. Would highly recommend having treatment with him.Thank you so much
Linda G.
12:18 18 Jan 24
Dr Bassam Zeina saw my husband just before Christmas, after seeing several other dermatologists (private & NHS) we at long last found someone who listened, understood and was far more professional - he is also an extremely nice person. Our only regret is that we didn't see you sooner. Many thanks Dr Zeina.
Marie H.
12:33 09 Jan 24
I don’t usually leave reviews but feel the need to on this occasion.When it comes to your face, you want to make sure you choose someone you can trust. I cannot recommend Dr Bassam Zeina highly enough. He is honest, professional, knowledgeable and an extremely lovely man.I have been seeing Dr Zeina for botox treatments and have been extremely impressed with the quality of service.Cannot wait to come again!
Deividas B.
10:00 12 Dec 23
Cannot recommend high enough!!! I had a treatment done by nurse Edita. She is the most knowledgeable, gentle, caring professional. The results of my treatment are amazing. Look no further!
15:29 04 Dec 23
Dr Bassam Zeina and his secretary were the 2 people I saw today, they were very kind and caring offering good advice, in particular Dr Bassam was affable and personable making the consultation a little more pleasant. Top service thank you.
Sylvester O.
21:57 30 Nov 23
Amazing service from Dr Zeina, thoroughly appreciate the time and effort he took to see me on such short notice
Jayden C.
18:35 13 Nov 23
Very good service. Dr Zaina is very good and understanding. He spends a good amount of time with you and offers a lot of advice
alex W.
17:53 30 Oct 23
I saw Dr Bassam Zeina, he was amazing so thorough and compassionate. I would recommend him to anyone, if all doctors were like him, life would be better!
Ellie D.
20:23 16 Oct 23
We would highly recommend Dr Zeina. My husband visited to find out why there’s dryness and irritation which looked like eczema on two parts of the face (the temples). We explored the possibility that it could well be the duck feather pillows that he has been using for years which could be causing the irritation. We are still investigating the theory but glad we had the consultation to be educated on the right cleaning products to use on sensitive skin as well a good reminder to maintain a good healthy lifestyle with Vitamin D.Thank you!Boutaina
Boutaina R.
10:13 12 Oct 23
I continue to be very happy with all the rejuvenation treatments I have benefited from at this excellent clinic and absolutely trust Dr Bassam Zeina. I have been seeing Dr Zeina for many years, finding his holistic, innovative, dedicated and caring approach second to none and have really good skin as a direct result. Most recently I had my second micro needling treatment with Edita and continue to be impressed with the improvement in firmness, reduction in pore size and glowing quality of my skin as a result. I would have no hesitation recommending Edita and have already booked in my third treatment. She is both professional and pleasant, putting me at ease throughout my treatments.
Emma D.
19:27 01 Sep 23
I have had a wonderful experience with Alternatives clinic especially with Dr Bassam Zeina who truly went above and beyond in helping me with my contact dermatitis. His expertise, compassion, and personalized care has helped so much. He took the time to listen to my concerns, thoroughly explained the treatment options, and provided me with a comprehensive plan, due to the nature of dermatitis being very much trial and error he was happy to schedule me a complementary appointment and in addition to has taken the time to answer any questions I have had via email. I'm incredibly grateful for his dedication and highly recommend Alternatives clinic to anyone in need of exceptional dermatological care. I will definitely be coming back in the future myself.Thank you for making my journey to healthier skin such a positive one!
samia'h S.
07:50 22 Aug 23
I saw Dr Bassam Zeina at alternatives about a couple of skin lesions that were concerning me. He was so kind and helpful and gave me confidence.He not only diagnosed my problem but also treated it during the same session!I would wholeheartedly recommend seeing him and visiting the clinic. Thank you
Caroline R.
13:03 15 Aug 23
Fantastic service, Dr Zeina is a lovely person, has a vast amount of experience and I’m lucky to have come across a very gifted professional. Highly recommend!
Graham T.
14:14 03 Aug 23
I’ve been to see Dr Bassam multiple times and I can attest that he is artful in sculpting my face using fillers. I’ve tried many clinics for fillers and he is by far the best.He also provides expert and tailored skincare advice as he works.Can’t recommend him highly enough.I can see the difference but there is no barbie-fake doll appearance. Very natural but takes off 10 years.
12:11 25 Jul 23
I am so pleased with the results of having a seborrheic Keratosis treated on my face that i felt i had to write my first review ever, the staff were fantastic, i saw Dr Zeina, who explained everything and was very happy to offer me additional health information as well, he used Liquid nitrogen which didnt hurt at all, just a little sting, that was 2 weeks ago, my scab fell off this morning (you must NOT pick it) so i couldnt wait to get home from work and shave so that i could see my face.... and wow the results are amazing, Thanks to you all.
steve R.
17:56 11 Jul 23
Dr Zeina is amazing. He has an incredible knowledge and is able and willing to answer any questions you may have. And happy to take the required time to do so. Wholeheartedly recommend.
Kyle C.
10:35 31 May 23
Dr Basam is very friendly and knowledgeable doctor. My wife is a dermatology doctor and worked under his supervision and she was impressed with the way he treats patients with dermatological problem like acne. She is now interested in doing Botox and fillers under his supervision.
Manar M.
21:40 21 May 23
A fantastic clinic! They have really helped me so much this week when no one else would, I am getting married in June and have all of a sudden started to have skin problems, Dr.Zeina has been fantastic, he has taken the time to really listen to me and given me as much information and support as possible. The clinic has fit me in to be seen at short notice and it just shows how much they really care and want to help. I can’t thank them enough!
Kelsi G.
16:16 26 Apr 23
I have been seeing Dr Zeina for my Botox treatments and skin problems. I can honestly say-whatever the dermatology concern you have- Dr Zeina is here to sort it out! He is so knowledgable and enthusiastic about his job. Highly recommend any services at the Alrernatives clinic.
Alma L.
13:35 22 Apr 23
My husband and I have both had treatments with Dr Zeina.He and his wife are friendly, professional and never makes you feel rushed with ample time to discuss medical management and treatment. We have both had excellent outcomes, thank you. Highly recommended. Khalil and Jennie
Jennie M
16:54 17 Apr 23
Dr Zeina is an amazing dermatologist. He is very experienced and knowledgable. I have seen the best results with his fillers and Botox. He is very kind and patient. I highly recommend to have treatment with him.
Lewis B.
18:21 14 Apr 23
If you visit Dr Zeina’s clinic you will not want to go anywhere else. As you would expect the clinic is spotless and easily meets the recommended hygiene standards for such a practice. Dr Zeina has a comprehensive medical background and long experience in this arena. The aesthetic field is ever changing with new product and procedures constantly being developed. Dr Zeina with his network of professionals, training and relationships with suppliers ensures he has the most up to date knowledge of “what’s new” in this fast moving market. As a person he is very professional, listens to his client, takes the time to explain fully and as a result quickly gains your trust. His wife supports the clinic and is a very valued help to him - a really successful partnership. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him and am confident you will not be disappointed.
Ann B.
18:41 08 Apr 23
Dr. Zeina at the clinic was fantastic, I have been there now a few times for Botox, fillers and am now booked for profhilo! They are so friendly and really put you at ease. I would recommend them to anyone and won’t go anywhere else now.
Lily V.
13:03 31 Mar 23
I have had quite a few Botox treatments with Doctor Zeina and have always loved my results. I was very very anxious about having any aesthetics at first and booked a consultation with Doctor Zeina who made me feel very at ease and explained the whole process and completely put all my anxieties and fears at ease. He is a wonderful Doctor who is very professional and listens to any worries you may have. He explained lots of different procedures to me that I was also interested in but quite fearful of having. I have complete trust in Doctor Zeina and love how youthful he has made my face look. He is full of advice and I also purchased products that have helped my skin immensely. I am very thankful that I have found such a great Doctor who is brilliant at his job and lovely too
Holly D.
19:55 28 Mar 23
Recently I've had my first Botox treatment with Dr Zeina. He is absolutely brilliant, very knowledgeable and make you feel instantly at ease. I'm extremely pleased with the results and I will definitely become regular customer. Thank you!
20:25 24 Mar 23
Fabulous clinic,I had some Botox and profhilo treatments recently and cannot thank you enough for the amazing work. My skin looks glowing and very rejuvenated,thank you! ❤️
Alexandra O.
16:12 23 Mar 23
Doctor Zeina was very reassuring. He spent time with me while I had Botox. Would highly recommend! Thank you
Trudy A.
16:26 18 Mar 23
Absolutely amazing experience at Alternative dermatology department, it was very efficient and awesome at same-day treatments! Highly recommend, Dr Zeina and Dr Saada were excellent, and highly experienced. I was able to get a same day appointment soooo convenient !!!! Amazingly priced and service was totally wonderful.
Amena Amon Z.
15:20 12 Aug 19
A fantastic husband and wife holistic partnership. An oasis of expertise for health, well being and cosmetic treatments. I have been fortunate enough to have Dr Zeina as y consultant for over 10 years, he is excellent. Consultative, passionate and continually updating his knowledge and searching for best practice where possible. Thoroughly recommend a visit. Cannot recommend Dr Zeina enough. Excellent.
Pamela Jane H.
15:30 06 Mar 19
I was looking for Botox and filler around Milton Keynes, Am impressed with the result have seen after my treatement at alternatives clinic , have been in so many clinic but never pleased , a friend of mine recommended alternatives clinic , I had Botox to lift my eyes brown, I had filler on my cheek for mini face lift , if you are looking for best results on Botox and fillers will highly recommend Dr Zeina around Milton Keynes . Thumps up to Dr Zeina
Docteur jusnovit C.
14:46 16 Nov 18

What Can Botox Be Used For?

From crow’s feet to frown lines, Botox can be used on almost all areas of the face and neck to lift and redefine your natural contours. Additionally, Botox treatments can also eliminate sweating! It is used on the forehead and underarms and can greatly reduce discomfort.

Popular areas for treatment are forehead, frown area and crow’s feet. We also offer a further range of advanced treatments, so if there are specific problem areas you’d like to discuss, please get in touch to find out how we can help. Advanced techniques include:

Eyes – e.g. lifting eyebrows, making eyes look bigger
Nose – e.g. bunny line removal or nasal tip lift
Chin – e.g. treatment for chin lines
Mouth – e.g. treatments for gummy smile and smokers lines

A smiling dermatologist, the owner of our Milton Keynes cosmetic clinic

Dr Bassam Zeina, MD, PhD

“I am a senior doctor fully licensed by The General Medical Council, with membership in The Royal Society of Medicine and the British Association of Dermatologists. My specialism is dermatology, with over three decades of experience treating skin in both a medical and cosmetic capacity. For the last 34 years, I’ve been helping people feel more confident in themselves through treatment of countless skin conditions.”

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