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Acupuncture Milton Keynes

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After being practiced in China for five millennia, it’s fair to say that acupuncture has stood the test of time. Traditionally it is based on the idea that a “life force”, or “Qi”, causes problems when it can not flow freely through the body. Practitioners who adhere to this belief aim to help restore a natural flow of Qi.

Questions about acupuncture? Read on.

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A lady receiving acupuncture treatment in her back

Does it hurt?

You’ll be pleased to know that acupuncture very rarely hurts when administered by a professional. Usually, the sensation is no more than a dull ache or a tingling. Treatment at the extremities, such as your finger tips, can be a little sharp because these areas are so sensitive. Nonetheless, this sharp sensation is brief for most people.

Rarely, acupuncture might be painful for a few reasons. It might be that a needle has irritated a nerve, but this is very rare as modern techniques use guides that stop the needles penetrating further than intended. It might also be because of an inadequately trained practitioner, but this will not be an issue at Alternatives Clinic. All of our acupuncturists are fully qualified and insured, and our clinic has offered acupuncture since we started in the year 2000. A minority of people are extremely sensitive to the procedure, and we advise them to seek other types of treatment.

If at any point in your acupuncture session, you are not completely comfortable, do not hesitate to let us know.

Is it safe?

With a skilled practitioner, acupuncture is very safe. This has been backed up by many studies, including a high quality, peer reviewed paper published in the British Medical Journal.

What are the side effects?

Acupuncture has minimal side effects. The complications found in the paper noted above were “rare and transient”. The most common complications were fainting and bruising, and the rates of these were “remarkably low”.


Many people use acupuncture for a diverse range of medical conditions. Clinical trials have found it to be effective in providing temporary relief from a wide range of conditions:

  • Overactive bladder
  • Tensions headache
  • Migraine headache
  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Neck pain or chronic neck pain
  • Temporomandibular (TMD or TMJ) pain
  • Osteoarthritis knee pain

Additionally, many people regularly receive acupuncture for a wide range of problems. Many studies exist that show it is effective against a large variety of conditions, however there are also studies that don’t. As with almost any alternative medicine, more research is required to definitively prove, or disprove, its efficacy. That said, it is an active area of research, and studies are currently looking into:

  • Helping with stress and anxiety
  • Regulating the menstrual cycle
  • Improving sperm health

For the latest research, we recommend the British Acupuncture Society “Research Fact Sheet“. That’s because it’s an excellent resource that consolidates research about acupuncture for a wide range of conditions.

When do I start feeling the benefits?

The timeframe depends heavily on your condition, so we can’t predict it exactly. This is why the best person to ask is your practitioner. They can give you an estimate, based on their experience of treating the same condition before.

The frequency of sessions also depends on the condition. For example, we might recommend more frequent sessions for more severe pain. If you would like to know more details about what to expect for the particular problem you are experiencing, then please get in touch. We strive to reply to most queries within 24 hours.


We offer transparent prices for our range of acupuncture treatments.

A 45-minute assessment session costs £45.

A 30-minute follow-up session for treatment costs £30.

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At Alternatives, we have been offering acupuncture treatments since the year 2000. A lot has changed in that time, but our commitment to complementary and holistic healthcare hasn’t. Book today, and visit the longest standing holistic health clinic in Milton Keynes.