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Sports Massage

The first marriage of massage with sports dates back to Ancient China and Ancient Greece. Taking part in regular exercise puts the body through stresses and strains that might lead to adaptations over time. As these adaptations take place, they might put additional unwanted strains on the body that can even lead to injury. Sports massage is a great way to prevent these injuries by reducing the unhealthy adaptations, and relieving musculoskeletal pain caused by such injuries.

In addition, many people find that sports massage reduces stress and generally places them in a more relaxed frame of mind, that improves performance in subsequent training sessions.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage addresses and combines techniques usually found isolated in the Western techniques such as physiotherapy, osteopathy and other manual therapies.

It is the combination of yoga stretching, calmness of meditation, with acupressure, exercise, movement and reflexology that makes up this healing art.

The work is done on the floor much like Shiatsu with the client dressed in comfortable clothing. The method uses point pressure and muscle stretching using the hands and the feet as well as elbow pressure.

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