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Reiki in Milton Keynes

Experience the Tranquil World of Reiki at Alternatives Clinic Milton Keynes

Welcome to Alternatives Clinic, where we aim to look after you, inside and out. We’re thrilled to invite you to experience Reiki, a therapeutic practice involving careful hand placement, designed to help you unwind, recharge, and find your inner balance.

A relaxing, calming, scenic mountain landscape, designed to give you a sense of what Reiki feels like.

Reiki: A Beautiful Union of Time-honoured Tradition and Tender Care

Reiki originates from Japan and revolves around the belief in a subtle energy that flows within us – a little like the unseen spark that keeps a light bulb aglow. Here at our friendly clinic, our Reiki practitioner combines her rich nursing background with her compassionate approach to energy work to offer you a nurturing experience that leaves you feeling warmed, uplifted, and revitalised.

A Reiki Session: What Can You Expect at our Milton Keynes Clinic?

Picture this: You’re settling down comfortably, and our therapist is gently moving her hands in various positions over or slightly above your body. In these peaceful moments, you might find yourself experiencing all sorts of things. Maybe it’s a cosy warmth wrapping around you, a wave of cool freshness washing over, a light tingling sensation that dances on your skin, or perhaps a soothing calm that seems to sweep you off to a place of deep relaxation.

The Potential Wonders of Reiki

Reiki could be just what you need on your journey towards well-being. It’s been associated with quite a few positive effects – think less stress, and a general lift in emotional well-being. At Alternatives Clinic, we consider Reiki a holistic piece in your wellness jigsaw, much like a restorative walk through the woods or a moment of quiet meditation.

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