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The 17 Top Uses For Dermal Fillers (And 2 You Should Avoid!)

20th March 2023 by Dr Bassam Zeina

Discover how dermal fillers help many people achieve a youthful and radiant appearance with minimal risks and downtime, all while maintaining a natural look. Dr Bassam Zeina, a seasoned dermatologist with over 3 decades of experience, will guide you through the possible areas that can be addressed by dermal fillers, and which 2 areas he stays clear from!

What are Dermal Fillers and Their Uses?

Dermal fillers are injectable cosmetic treatments that can help improve the appearance of wrinkles, restore lost volume, contour the face, and reduce scarring. They typically consist of hyaluronic acid or other biodegradable substances, which are injected into areas where volume is needed, diminishing wrinkles or hollows formed due to ageing or sun damage. An experienced practitioner can also use them in surrounding areas to enhance an area of concern in a more subtle way.

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Lower Face: How Dermal Fillers Can Create a Rejuvenated Look

In anatomy talk, the lower face is everything below the level of the nostril down to the chin. Here, dermal Fillers can be used to reduce sagging and “square” appearance of the face. Specifically they can be used for:

  • Chin enhancement: Fillers can create a heart-shaped, plump chin or make a small chin more prominent for improved facial balance.
  • Non-surgical balance: Restore facial harmony without the need for surgery by straightening and defining the jawline.
  • Jaw angle recreation: Dermal fillers may be used to enhance or recreate the jaw angle, which can be lost with age, for a fresher appearance.
  • Jowl lifting: Lifting the jowls can decrease sagging and improve facial contours.
  • Under-lip crease treatment: Address the crease under the lip for a smoother, more vibrant look.
  • Mouth lifting: Lift the corners of the mouth to create a happier, more approachable appearance.
  • Marionette line improvement: Reduce the prominence of marionette lines and add volume to sunken areas for a rejuvenated appearance.
  • Lip enhancement: Refine, revolumise, shape, and balance the lips for a natural, age-appropriate look.
  • Gummy smile correction: Fillers can be used to minimise the appearance of a gummy smile for a more balanced, attractive smile.
  • Smoker’s line reduction: Diminish the appearance of smoker’s lines
  • Nasolabial fold treatment: Address nasolabial folds to soften facial lines.

Mid Face: Achieve a Top Model Look

Dermal fillers can also work wonders for the mid-face, which extends from the level of your nostrils to your eyebrows. Treatment in this area can help:

  • Cheekbone revolumising: Enhance and lift cheekbones for a more defined and fresh appearance.
  • Sagging cheek improvement: Improve sagging cheeks without adding volume by targeting ligaments with the Swift Lift technique, discovered by famous Canadian plastic surgeon Arthur Swift.
  • Sunken eye correction: Address sunken eyes or hollowing under the eyes for a more refreshed and alert appearance.
  • Tear trough treatment: Reduce the appearance of tear troughs to restore a revitalised, energised look.
  • Cheek revolumising: Add volume to the cheeks for improved facial balance and contour.
  • Jawline definition: Define the jaw area in front of the ear for a more sculpted appearance.

Note that Dr Zeina does not perform fillers in the nose, as this procedure can carry a much higher chance of side-effects. We recommend that nose fillers are only carried out by experienced ENT specialists to minimise the chance of complications.

Upper Face: Proceed with Caution

Fillers in the upper face (forehead and above) are possible, but they haven’t gained widespread popularity. Dr Bassam Zeina explains, “In my experience, they don’t often achieve their promise and can look unnatural. I only perform fillers in the upper face rarely, when it suits my client’s specific needs.”

Other Small Areas: Attention to Detail

Dermal fillers can also address smaller areas, enhancing specific features and providing a more comprehensive facial rejuvenation. These treatments can include:

  • Earlobe rejuvenation: Revitalise the earlobe to better accommodate jewellery and improve overall appearance.
  • Targeted enhancements: Address specific areas at the boundaries of previous areas, refining and perfecting your look for a more harmonious result.

In Short

This article is intended for educational services, and should not be taken as medical advice. Like any medical procedure, dermal fillers are associated with side effects, and should only be administered by trained medical professionals who will explore these with you in detail before proceeding. If you’d like to make use of Dr Zeina’s extensive expertise in a free face-to-face consultation, this can be booked here.

Dermal fillers are potentially a versatile and minimally invasive solution for those seeking to rejuvenate their appearance while maintaining a natural look. They can also be combined with other minimally invasive aesthetic treatments with complementary effects. We hope that Dr Zeina’s guidance has given you a more thorough understanding of what dermal fillers can be used for!