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Dr. Zeina is an expert dermatologist leading our clinic with over 20 years’ experience in non-surgical cosmetic treatments, including Botox and fillers. He is available for an initial consultation to help you plan your journey.

We will be able to address your needs with Botox or any of a range of other treatments. We can help you slow down the aging process, or fix and prevent skin problems with our resident skin expert. Get in touch to find out the difference you can achieve with us.

Our experience with the use of Botox extends beyond the standard use of Botox. We can address visible and hidden aging, enhance and correct to ultimately give you the best natural version of you. We use the most advanced techniques, some of which are unique in Milton Keynes.

With more than 30 years’ experience in dermatology, lasers, and skin surgery, the help we can offer goes beyond lines and wrinkles.

With our treatments we can help you:

  • Look well, healthy and natural
  • Boost your confidence
  • Look more friendly, happier, and ultimately younger and more attractive
  • Take better selfies!

We use genuine Botox which gives a more natural look (rather than looking frozen or shocked) and can last longer. This makes it a more cost-effective product long-term.

As well as traditional Botox treatments (targeting frown lines, the forehead, and crow’s feet), we offer a wide range of cutting edge treatments to meet your needs.

Please read below for details on all our treatments, to help plan your treatment journey.

Botox for the eyes and around the eyes:

  • Frown lines: create a relaxed happy face, and look less angry. This treatment can help some people with their headaches.
  • Crow’s feet: this can help you look fresh, open your eyes, and lift your eyebrows in a natural-looking way.
  • Botox for under eyes: will give you an open eye effect with fewer lines. If you take a selfie before and after treatment. It would show that your eyes will look wider
  • Forehead lines: will give you a more relaxed, happy look.
  • Eyebrow lift: to give a happy, well-rested look. For some people, this can be an alternative to surgery.

Botox for the mouth and around the mouth:

  • Raise the corners of the mouth: which may get rid of a sad look
  • Smooth smokers lip lines: while also producing a slightly fuller top lip
  • Gummy smile: to show less of the gum when smiling.
  • Lip flip: this rolls the upper lip slightly upward, allowing more of the upper lip to be visible.

Botox for the neck:

  • Smooth prominent bands and muscles: including necklace bands around the neck.
  • Eliminating vertical (platysmal) bands on the neck: which slightly lifts the jawline.

Botox for the jawline:

  • Reduce jowls: giving a more heart shape look rather than a square face
  • Straighten jawline: to give a fresh look and feminine profile
  • Nefertiti lift: uses Botox to target the neck and jawline for a lifting and tightening effect. Named after the famous Egyptian queen who had a nice straight jawline

Botox for sweating problems:

  • Sweaty underarms (axillary hyperhidrosis)
  • Sweaty forehead, scalp, face and other parts

Botox for the nose:

  • Smooth nasal scrunch lines (‘Bunny lines’) on the upper sides of the nose.
  • Lifting the nasal tip: this makes the nasal tip straighter and enhances the nose profile.
  • Relaxing nose flare: which reduces the size of the nasal tip/nostrils

Botox for the chin:

  • Smoothing a bobbly chin: creating a softer and more rounded chin which can add femininity to the lower face

Botox for large Jaw muscles:

  • Reduce the appearance of prominent jaw muscles

Botox for a non-surgical facelift:

  • With Botox, it is possible to achieve a mini facelift and boost your confidence without surgery.

There are more advanced treatments we can help with for issues such as red face/rosacea, open pores, and greasy skin. We encourage you to discuss this with our doctor if you are interested.

When ready, please call Alternatives Clinic on 01908 526524 and book your complimentary consultation with no obligation. Get in touch to find out the difference you can achieve with us.


Anti-wrinkle treatments with Dr. Zeina using Botox:

  • 1 Area – £175
  • 2 Areas – £275
  • 3 Areas – £350
  • Full face Botox is available
  • Neck- £250
  • Minor additional areas from £50 i.e. a small amount to compliment an area or to enhance the effect.

Anti-wrinkle treatments with a nurse using alternatives to Botox:

  • 3 Areas – £240

Please note that the amount and number of treatments and longevity depend on different factors. These include lifestyle, skin type, and genetic background. But, we can give the advice to help the treatment to last longer and give better results.