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Age spots and liver spots (wisdom spots)

Age spots and liver spots (wisdom spots)

It is completely natural to get age spots, fine lines and wrinkles as we get older. Despite it being a harmless condition, it can be a difficult transformation for many men and women. Thankfully, there are a number of effective treatments that can dramatically help and leave you with more even and healthy looking skin.

The scientific name is solar lentigo, which is a harmless patch of darkened skin. It results from exposure to the sun over the years.


Management plan

  1. Confirm the diagnosis by a health care professional, ensuring it is not a cancerous or pre-cancerous condition.
  2. You may leave without treatment, as it is harmless. However, you should take photos regularly and seek medical advice if you see changes or symptoms.
  3. We may recommend creams for treatment and prevention
  4. Treatment with liquid nitrogen.
  5. Micro-needling
  6. Laser treatment
  7. Quick management using a camouflage cream. This could be a reasonable option to cover the spot for parties or special events.
  8. Prevention using special sun creams.

We can recommend freezing with liquid nitrogen, which is a simple and effective treatment as an alternative to the above.

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Consultation with a nurse is £75 for the initial consultation, a test area with liquid nitrogen, and a treatment plan.

Consultation with Dr. Zeina is £120 for the initial consultation, a test area with liquid nitrogen and a treatment plan.

For people with a large number of lesions, we charge per area and not per individual lesion to make it more cost-effective for you

Please note, exact prices of your treatment will be confirmed during your consultation depending on the site, the number and the size of wisdom spots/age spots.


Practitioners you can trust

All of our staff are fully qualified and insured professionals. Our nurse treatments are carried out by Diane Mason, who has spent 15 years as a dermatology nurse and performed countless liquid nitrogen treatments at that time.

If, on the other hand, you choose to see a dermatologist, Dr. Bassam will treat you personally. He is the owner and medical director at Alternatives Clinic. We believe that quality healthcare should be affordable for everyone, so even treatments with Dr. Zeina are competitively priced compared to nurse treatments elsewhere.