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Hypnotherapy can help with anything in which the mind has an influence. So, its range is far wider than is sometimes thought. While it works very well for phobias, smoking and weight control, it can also relieve IBS, help people to overcome panic and anxiety, relieve insomnia, improve sport performance – and much more.

In the course of a trance, a person becomes extraordinarily receptive to suggestion. Primitive healers use this receptivity to implant suggestions for self-cure, and have done so from ancient times.

In modern times clinical research has looked at the use of hypnosis to reduce symptoms during painful medical procedures and in pain associated with serious conditions such as cancer. There have been several controlled studies showing that hypnosis can reduce the nausea and discomfort during chemotherapy, as well as reducing pain, bleeding, and stress.

Hypnosis is moving away from “wart-magic” towards a more truly complementary role.

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